Monday, October 31, 2011

The Magic Bullet

If there was a way you could lower your blood pressure, lose weight, lower your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, improve your memory and other cognitive abilities and improve your overall quality of life, would you be interested? You only have to take this once per day, and it does not have any side effects!

Are you still interested?

The Magic Bullet...EXERCISE!! The question I pose to you is how important is exercise for your health?? Is it important enough to MAKE time in your daily schedule to do it? Absolutely!

Our health and overall quality of life is a result of everything we do, or DON'T do! In a time of "quick fixes" for our ailments we lose value in the essentials for healthly living and the power of prevention and exercise is one of the essential ingredients to a healthy life!

How important is food, water and breathing to your health? Very important! Exercise is one of the essentials in our daily lives, it is as important as food, water and breathing! Our brain and our bodies require activity on a daily basis to be healthy. One of the biggest components to exercise is movement and as a chiropractor one of the biggest benefits of an adjustment is to restore normal alignment and movement to the spine. We need to move every part of our body each and everyday! The most important thing is to make exercise fun so you stay consistent! When working out seems like WORK, you are less likely to do it.

So MAKE the time to go exercise! Stay tuned to find out what are the best ways to stay healthy.

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