Monday, December 5, 2011


The Advanced Chiropractic family December holiday tradition is to adopt a local family.  This year we have chosen a family who recently lost everything in a home fire.   We will be collecting items from December 1st until December 15th. If you would like to help this family, please bring your item to the office.  For more information, please call the office.  THANKS
  • Boy:  8 years old - an amazing child and lost everything he owned 2 weeks before his birthday. He wears a 7/8 shirt, 8 slim pants, and 3 1/2 shoe. He's a typical boy, so as far as toys and books go - anything cars, sports, action figures, video games, etc...  He hand wrote a Christmas wish list that includes:  toy swords, nerf dart tag set, transformers, hot wheel cars, captain america shield, remote controlled helicopter, GA t-shirt, BB gun, lindor milk chocolate truffles, and said "pie is awesome" "I love pie".
  • Girl one :  11 years old - wears a 12/14 shirt, 14 slim pants, and size 4 shoe.  Her hand written list includes: game cube, play dough, silly putty (lots), transformers, unicorn pillow pet, remote controlled car, reese peanut butter cups, yo-yo and says "I love pie".
  • Girl two: 12 years old - wears a junior meduim, juniors 3-5 short pant, and a size 8 shoe.  Her hand written list includes:  play dough, sily putty, yo-yo, spongebob t-shirt, stuffed cookie monster, things from Charming Charlies and Bath & Body works and would love to have a phone.
  •  Father:  wears 34/30 pants, mens xl shirt, and a size 12 shoe 
  •  Mother: wears 14/15 pants, xl shirt, and a size 7-7 1/2.
  •  Living room furniture (couches)
  •  Beds - all of our mattresses/box springs (we have queen  size bed frames), and Christian will need a whole new bed,  frame.
  •  Bookshelves (Kids bookshelf & living room bookshelf.
  •  Dressers for the boys.
  •  Dining room furniture (pantry, table & chairs)

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  1. Ther is not much worse than hearing about a family who loses there stuff in a house fire than hearign it happend right before the holidays! Please help out in any way you's the right thing to do. Thank you all who support us and this family.